Is my web site down?

Our servers have almost perfect uptime, but sometimes, you may not be able to access your web site and email due to a firewall block. To troubleshoot and resolve any site access issues, follow the steps below.

  1. If you notice that your email can’t connect to our server, try to go to your web site in a web browser.
    This will determine if the problem is specific to email or all your server access is blocked. (Our email hosting and web sites are on the same server.)
  2. If you can’t get to your web site, try going to the site from another network. For example, if the site didn’t load from your computer or phone on a WiFi network, turn WiFi off on your phone, and and try going to your web site over your carrier’s data connection. Or ask a friend or coworker at another location to see if they can access the site. When your IP address is blocked, any devices on your network won’t be able to access the server, but devices on other networks won’t be affected. 
    • If you CAN access the site from other networks, notify me using the form below, and I will clear your blocked IP address.
      (Important: You MUST be using a computer or device on the network that cannot currently access your web site, or I will not know the IP address to unblock.)
    • If you CANNOT access the site from other networks, it’s possible the site is down. Submit the form below to notify me, and I will investigate.

Complete the form below to report a network block or web site outage.

If your network is blocked, you MUST submit this form from a device on the affected network.