Helpful Special Characters in Windows

We’ve compiled some of the most common special characters that you may want to use when typing for easy reference. Note that you must use the 10-key number keypad on your keyboard (not the numbers across the top) for these codes to work. If you don’t have that, you can copy/paste the symbols from this page.

If there are any common ones you use that are missing, let us know!

Alt + 0153trademark symbol
Alt + 0169©copyright symbol
Alt + 248 / Alt + 0176°degree sign
Alt + 0150en dash
Alt + 0151em dash
Alt + 171 / Alt + 0189½fraction (one-half)
Alt + 241 / Alt + 0177±plus-minus sign
Alt + 242?greater than or equal to sign
Alt + 243?less than or equal to sign
Alt + 0215×multiplication sign
Alt + 246 / Alt + 0247÷division sign
Alt + 247?approximately equal to sign
Alt + 130 / Alt + 0233ésmall e with accent aigu (acute)
Alt + 138 / Alt + 0232èsmall e with accent grave
Alt + 139 / Alt + 0239ïsmall i with diaeresis