Web Site Promotion

Krohnert.net Consulting can help you draw more visitors to your web site, by developing and implementing a plan that utilizes a combination of approaches. We have listed below some of the basic steps you can take to increase the popularity of your web site and improve your listings in various search engines. We can also work with you to develop a customized plan to drive traffic to your web site.

Improving Your Ranking in Search Engines

  • Use keywords that people are likely to search on in the title of each page on your web site. For example, a page with the title “ABC Company” will not show up as high in search engines as a page with the title “ABC Company: Landscaping and Lawn Care in Smyrna, Georgia”.
  • Include key words associated with your company in the text throughout your site, including your location and variations of words describing the product or service you provide.
  • Make sure that your site will be of interest to people who find it through a search engine. When people use a search engine to find something, and then click on a link and stay at that site, without going back to the search engine to find another site, it improves your ranking. The goal is to create a site that visitors will want to stay at, after they find it in a search engine. You can do this by offering additional content or features on your web site.
  • There are a lot of other SEO tips. These are just some of the basic ones.

On-line Advertising &  Marketing

  • Find free places to list your web site around the Internet.
  • Consider paying for links or advertisements on web sites that are in a related field, for inexpensive, targeted advertising. This is a good option for small businesses, who cannot afford large-scale online advertising. Many bloggers sell advertising space on their sites, for example.
  • Create a blog and/or Facebook page for your business and build an audience by posting regular content of interest to your target market. For example, a landscaper could post photos to highlight some of their projects, tips on lawn maintenance, links to articles relating to landscaping trends, etc.

Traditional Advertising & Marketing

  • A simple way to advertise your web site is to order magnetic sign with your company name and web site address, and put it on your car. This is easy, inexpensive, and is especially effective for local businesses.
  • Small businesses that primarily serve a single city or region can draw visitors to their web site by investing in small advertisements in school directories, local newspapers, and other city- or county-wide publications. The ad should have the web site address prominently displayed. Consider providing a special discount to people who mention the ad or who visit your web site.