The Dangers of File Sharing

File-sharing programs have become increasingly popular among computer users who enjoy downloading music and other multi-media content. However, some of the popular file-sharing programs, including Kazaa, Morpheus, Limewire, and Bearshare, install hidden programs without your knowledge that can cause various problems with your computer. There are two main categories of these hidden programs: spy-ware and ad-ware.

What you should do

First, we recommend that you un-install your existing copy of file-sharing programs, such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Limewire or Bearshare as soon as possible.

  1. Go to your Start menu, then select to Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Select the software you want to remove from the list, and then click Remove.
  3. Once you have removed the software, you should reboot your computer.

Then, we recommend running two spy-ware removal programs: Ad-aware and Spybot. These are free programs that will scan your hard drive (like an anti-virus program) to detect and remove any malicious ad-ware or spy-ware files. For more information about running these programs to clean your computer, click here.

We recommend that you run Ad-aware and Spybot on a regular basis, at least once per month, or more often if you find you are having problems.