Dan Ziemecki

Dan Ziemecki is a project manager and web developer in the Atlanta area.  Dan graduated from the University of Georgia and went on the get his MBA with a concentration in CIS from Georgia State University.  He began his technology career in 1995 writing MS Access Applications, and has since worked in several technology disciplines including web development, applications implementation, network infrastructure, and technology processes.  He has worked for such companies as Kimberly-Clark, MCI, and IBM, as well a several smaller firms, and is familiar with business environments of all sizes.  Dan has been lending his skills to Krohnert.net since 2001.

Technical Skills

Dan’s technical skills include all of the following software and hardware platforms:

  • Web Servers
    • LAMP Stack (Linux\Apache\MySQL)
    • Windows Stack (Windows Server\IIS)
  • PHP
  • VB.Net
  • XML
  • DHTML (JavaScript & CSS)
  • Drupal CMS

Dan’s blog can be found at http://ziemecki.net.